Sunday, December 9

Bird, Cat, Rain

This weekend has been exceptional for sleeping in. My classes are done. I have to finish one more assignment and that's it. I have three clinic shifts coming up this week. The only other thing I have to do is study for my second comp tests coming up in a week. I've barely gotten started, but feeling good about where I stand.
Yesterday, I didn't start my day until around 2 pm. Thats because I was up until 4:30 am. I took Rebecca to LA Friday night to see Andrew Bird. The show was cool, but I'm no fan of Los Angeles. Everywhere we went was dumpy, empty streets. It was an urban wasteland. I had a head full of ju jitsu moves every time a stranger came within ten feet of us. That city is weird.

Right now I am waiting to hear back from an adoption agency. I'm trying to talk Rebecca into getting this kick ass kitten that I found on Craigslist. I don't have to talk her into it at all. She is a freak with cats. We just filled out an application. Exciting.

It's been raining in San Diego, but the rain seems just as temporary as everything else here. I'm looking forward to getting out of town for the holidays, and even more excited to think of what lies in store a year from now.

Wednesday, December 5

week fourteen.

It's week 14. My classes are winding down. It's about time. This semester has been a real circus act. I have a lot of work to do over the course of the next week and a half. Finishing up my final papers and exams, studying Ju Jitsu for blue belt testing (dec 14), and studying Chinese medicine for my 2nd Year end exams (dec 15-16).
This semester has been a beefy pain in the ass, and I'm glad to be almost through with it.

I saw Iron and Wine play last week. Whoa. That's definitely a perk of living out here-some great acts come through San Diego.

Greenville is fast approaching. I'm looking forward to some kayak rides in the lake with my little buddy.

Monday, November 19

RE: spring

Thinking about taking a vacation was all the vacation I needed. I am no longer fried. I have a suspicion that if I took a semester off, two months into it I would regret the decision. Go with your gut.

I'll still be in Greenville over Xmas. Back to San Diego In January. Internship starts. Less bullshit (hopefully). I'm dialing back my responsibilities to the entity that is student council. Still on track to finish by December 08, and then the real excitment (scary part) begins.

I'm also involved with an interesting girl, making these days a lot more enjoyable.

Wednesday, November 7

monkey business

I got to get a little crazy with Sarah Nee yesterday. A few shots are on my Myspace page. Check em out...

Friday, November 2

3:10 to yuma

So last week was obnoxious. Fires came to San Diego; I left. I got to have a stressful experience attempting communication with a jilted former lover. I had a lot of alone time in an otherwordly, cold place. I witnessed the power of thought affecting the future, on the largest scale I've so far seen. A lot of realizations came. Such a dramatic week. I turned in my leave of absence this week. I decided to take a semester off and enjoy Greenville. Maybe some time with the family/dog/trees etc will do me good. I've been more stressed than I realized.

Coming back to school after all this excitement has been nice. Knowing I'm leaving soon underlines and permeates everythign I do now, and I enjoy everything much more. I will miss a lot of people that I've had the pleasure to meet out here, and I will be missed. It's bittersweet, but I'm ready...

Monday, October 8


This weekend I was lucky enough to attend a wild symposium about ancient knowledge. The speakers were a mix of geologists, astronomers, researchers, atlantis hunters, agriculturists, linguists, etc...
Needless to say, this was right up my alley, and really helped to get me out of the rut I've been in lately. The topics discussed were so various and so interesting that I can't possibly to them justice here. However, I will share some of the take away theories and ideas:

-It is very possible that the pyramids, among their many other uses, were also used as a giant battery to store negative ions. When the dry desert wind (positively charged) would blow across the pyramids, the potential would build until the energy jumped the gap and electrified the sky. As the air around the pyramid would be exposed to this charge, the N2 in the air would be converted to a nitrate, which would pretty much fall out of the sky into the ground, making it more fertile.

-It is very possible that our Sun shares a binary orbit with another star. Thsi would explain the phenomenon of precession a lot better than the current explanation (the earth wobbles). It is also very possible that the other object in our binary system is Sirius, the dog star (man's best friend).

-Seeds that have been exposed to places of concentrated energy (stonehenge, pyramids, certain temples, certain mountains, etc) have demonstrated to yield bigger, stronger, and more numerous crops.

-The ancient egyptians had a deep understanding of Einsteinian physics, which is reflected in their language and actual word construction.

The list goes on and on. My favorite quote of the weekend: "Western civilization is the worst thing to happen to humanity since monogamy!"

Saturday, September 8

San Diego

So I'm back in good old San Diego. The first week of classes is over. I'm just now starting to get excited for this semester. I most likely will graduate this school in December 08, although I'm trying to speed up the process a little bit. We'll see.

I will be in Greenville, SC for X-mas this year though. I arrive on Dec 17 and leave Jan 6. I'm excited.

Right now I'm a busy guy. I'm taking nine classes plus one clinic shift during the week. I also am on Student Council which is a lot of work right now. I am in charge of ordering tea for the student lounge, which is an ideal job for me. I feel no obligation to play the politics game though, and I've been calling it like I see it. Making some waves.

Ju Jitsu is supposed to start next week. We might do some of the classes at my house, since I am close to school and have a great back yard. I'm in the market for a used punching bag. I already have a space for throwing knives out there. It is sweet.

If I was a fortune cookie, this would be inside:

"If you think you know more than I do, I know you don't."

Sounds cocky at first, but think about it. Very Zen.

Wednesday, August 29

The leaves are changing in Portland

Portland is a blast. Two Saturdays ago Coach and I were at the farmer's market. I had just finished handing over a valuable possession to a rude stranger, and was trying to put myself in a good mood. This guy Bennie comes out of nowhere - Wait. Let me catch you up...
That week, we had gone on a little road trip around the Oregon coast (really cool area). It was a camping trip, checking out some different state parks, hiking, etc. I will post some pictures. Anyway, we wound up at this park called Oswald West. Real cool. You hike down a little bit, there's camping, hike a little more and you're on a secluded beach. The established campsites were full; there were a few people on the beach. We decided to spend the day there. We strung up our hammocks and chilled out near the beach.
As the day was wrapping up and we were heading out, we found a pair of binoculars someone had left on the beach. They had a phone number on them, so I called it. The person that answered worked for the parks department, and she was jerking me around a little bit about what to do with them. I was saying, "oh yea i'll hide them behind the third bush to the right of the NO FIREWORKS sign.." or something like that and the lady was just shooting down my ideas! She was basically trying to tell me that they weren't going to come out and pick them up at all, but they wanted them back. She asked me if they were an expesive pair. I told her I had no idea what they cost, but whoever wrote the phone number on them must've wanted them back...
So we decide that I will take the binoculars to Portland, and get in touch with the park people when I'm there, as the are more inclined to pick them up in the city. Cool. I am a good samaritan.
Only trouble is- binoculars arre awesome! I was looking at all kinds of stuff with them. When we got back into Portland, Coach and I went to a little tea shop for a pot of Chai. I brought the binocs, and tried to call the park people. Apparently the park people have very demanding schedules and can't be bothered to come pick up their shit. So I enjoyed my time with them. I picked them up and aimed at the apartment building across the street from the tea lounge. No joke, the first person I see is a woman with no pants on! She's out on her balcony, hanging up bathmats or something, and she's a real big girl, with no pants! She had some real big shiny undies on though.
She was not the last girl I looked at with binoculars.

Now, I'm at the farmer's market, waiting for park person to meet me there. I have the binocs. I've been people watching with them for a couple days now, and at this point I like them a lot. They have become a part of me. So the park lady shows up and she shows no sign of gratitude as I hand her the binocs. As soon as she has them she is off, disappeared. She must be busy. So I quickly realize that my natural eyesight is no equivalent to the binocs, and I am a little sad they are gone.

I try to let them go, and cheer myself up. I smile at the next stranger that I see. He smiles back. He takes two more steps, pauses, and visibly makes the decision to come over and say Hi.

This is Ben. He's maybe fifty years old, thin. Dressed in the kind of clothes little kids wear when their parents want them to look grown up. He has short, curly hair, glasses, patches of beard that threaten to take over his neck. Disheveled. Scattered. Excited. Friendly. I thought he came over to us looking for weed.

I can't even tell you where Ben started, but the topics he covered in the fifteen minutes that I knew him ran the gamut. Ben has a high IQ, and is overwhelmed by the beauty of life. He thinks Portland should not be nuked. He is on the way to return a library book, Jules and Jim. He is overwhelmed by the fact that our names, Josh and Jeremy, so closely resemble the title of that book. He is excited that the younger generation is being so proactive about changing the world. He is sick of people always trying to prove him wrong just because he has a high IQ. He says sometimes he gets into arguments just to prove people wrong. I ask, "Who do you try to prove wrong?" He quickly replies, "my MOTHER!!!"

I like to call him Bennie. Bennie smiles to himself. He slaps his legs when he laughs at the world. He thanks us for talking with him, repeatedly. He is on a mission to not let his nephew be controlled by his sister. He worries. He no longer thinks it's even likely that someone would nuke Portland. He just wants to watch the leaves change. All he wants to do is watch the leaves change. He gets calm, happy, introspective. He starts to get excited again. I pick up a pebble and toss it to him. He says "Thank you for the distraction!" And then he is on his way to the library, to return his book....