Saturday, September 8

San Diego

So I'm back in good old San Diego. The first week of classes is over. I'm just now starting to get excited for this semester. I most likely will graduate this school in December 08, although I'm trying to speed up the process a little bit. We'll see.

I will be in Greenville, SC for X-mas this year though. I arrive on Dec 17 and leave Jan 6. I'm excited.

Right now I'm a busy guy. I'm taking nine classes plus one clinic shift during the week. I also am on Student Council which is a lot of work right now. I am in charge of ordering tea for the student lounge, which is an ideal job for me. I feel no obligation to play the politics game though, and I've been calling it like I see it. Making some waves.

Ju Jitsu is supposed to start next week. We might do some of the classes at my house, since I am close to school and have a great back yard. I'm in the market for a used punching bag. I already have a space for throwing knives out there. It is sweet.

If I was a fortune cookie, this would be inside:

"If you think you know more than I do, I know you don't."

Sounds cocky at first, but think about it. Very Zen.

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