Monday, October 8


This weekend I was lucky enough to attend a wild symposium about ancient knowledge. The speakers were a mix of geologists, astronomers, researchers, atlantis hunters, agriculturists, linguists, etc...
Needless to say, this was right up my alley, and really helped to get me out of the rut I've been in lately. The topics discussed were so various and so interesting that I can't possibly to them justice here. However, I will share some of the take away theories and ideas:

-It is very possible that the pyramids, among their many other uses, were also used as a giant battery to store negative ions. When the dry desert wind (positively charged) would blow across the pyramids, the potential would build until the energy jumped the gap and electrified the sky. As the air around the pyramid would be exposed to this charge, the N2 in the air would be converted to a nitrate, which would pretty much fall out of the sky into the ground, making it more fertile.

-It is very possible that our Sun shares a binary orbit with another star. Thsi would explain the phenomenon of precession a lot better than the current explanation (the earth wobbles). It is also very possible that the other object in our binary system is Sirius, the dog star (man's best friend).

-Seeds that have been exposed to places of concentrated energy (stonehenge, pyramids, certain temples, certain mountains, etc) have demonstrated to yield bigger, stronger, and more numerous crops.

-The ancient egyptians had a deep understanding of Einsteinian physics, which is reflected in their language and actual word construction.

The list goes on and on. My favorite quote of the weekend: "Western civilization is the worst thing to happen to humanity since monogamy!"