Monday, November 19

RE: spring

Thinking about taking a vacation was all the vacation I needed. I am no longer fried. I have a suspicion that if I took a semester off, two months into it I would regret the decision. Go with your gut.

I'll still be in Greenville over Xmas. Back to San Diego In January. Internship starts. Less bullshit (hopefully). I'm dialing back my responsibilities to the entity that is student council. Still on track to finish by December 08, and then the real excitment (scary part) begins.

I'm also involved with an interesting girl, making these days a lot more enjoyable.

Wednesday, November 7

monkey business

I got to get a little crazy with Sarah Nee yesterday. A few shots are on my Myspace page. Check em out...

Friday, November 2

3:10 to yuma

So last week was obnoxious. Fires came to San Diego; I left. I got to have a stressful experience attempting communication with a jilted former lover. I had a lot of alone time in an otherwordly, cold place. I witnessed the power of thought affecting the future, on the largest scale I've so far seen. A lot of realizations came. Such a dramatic week. I turned in my leave of absence this week. I decided to take a semester off and enjoy Greenville. Maybe some time with the family/dog/trees etc will do me good. I've been more stressed than I realized.

Coming back to school after all this excitement has been nice. Knowing I'm leaving soon underlines and permeates everythign I do now, and I enjoy everything much more. I will miss a lot of people that I've had the pleasure to meet out here, and I will be missed. It's bittersweet, but I'm ready...