Friday, November 2

3:10 to yuma

So last week was obnoxious. Fires came to San Diego; I left. I got to have a stressful experience attempting communication with a jilted former lover. I had a lot of alone time in an otherwordly, cold place. I witnessed the power of thought affecting the future, on the largest scale I've so far seen. A lot of realizations came. Such a dramatic week. I turned in my leave of absence this week. I decided to take a semester off and enjoy Greenville. Maybe some time with the family/dog/trees etc will do me good. I've been more stressed than I realized.

Coming back to school after all this excitement has been nice. Knowing I'm leaving soon underlines and permeates everythign I do now, and I enjoy everything much more. I will miss a lot of people that I've had the pleasure to meet out here, and I will be missed. It's bittersweet, but I'm ready...

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suzette said...

*Update your mama!* ;-)