Wednesday, December 5

week fourteen.

It's week 14. My classes are winding down. It's about time. This semester has been a real circus act. I have a lot of work to do over the course of the next week and a half. Finishing up my final papers and exams, studying Ju Jitsu for blue belt testing (dec 14), and studying Chinese medicine for my 2nd Year end exams (dec 15-16).
This semester has been a beefy pain in the ass, and I'm glad to be almost through with it.

I saw Iron and Wine play last week. Whoa. That's definitely a perk of living out here-some great acts come through San Diego.

Greenville is fast approaching. I'm looking forward to some kayak rides in the lake with my little buddy.

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suzette said...

Nine days and counting. p.s....your little buddy likes to swim!