Sunday, February 10

Busy birthday

What follows is a brief list of activities, events, and surprises that occurred on my 25th bithday, an otherwise quiet sunday in february. The majority of these things were masterminded by r. furlano, girlfriend.

- A HEAP of french toast, delivered to me as I rolled out of bed. There were also a bunch of berries on the plate. yes!

- 3 hours of Qi Gong (google it.)

- A long hike that included tree climbing, rock scrambling, lizard hunting, fig newman snacking, conversations about counseling and the general decline of america as an international figure, and the accidental death of a moth. RIP. I am truly sorry about that one.

- Dinner at "the best restaurant in San Diego." because that is what i get.

- A clue, delivered by the waiter, that R. Furlano had previously hand delivered to the restaurant to be given to me after the meal. This clue needed to be solved by me before we could move on to the next location.

- Gelatto. After gelatto was eaten, the stranger sitting behind me got up and appraoched me with another envelope. I lost my composure and snatched it from him.

- This envelope contained a clue and a handmade cross word puzzle that needed to be solved by me. The crossword consisted of inside jokes and some smutty statements that are integral parts of our relationship.

- The last clue led me back to her apartment, where there was a backpack waiting for me with In Rainbows.

- Taped to the lyrics booklet was an itinerary. This crazy broad bought us tickets to portland for a long weekend to hang with Mr. Josh Green.

- Perfect.

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suzette said...

Happy Birthday to you INDEED! Rebecca is not only a beautiful person, she's a beautiful soul. I'm so glad you two had such a wonderful day and are looking forward to Portland. THAT was sweet! :D