Tuesday, March 11


Portland was a blast. It was great to see Coach (mr. josh green). I think he liked the company as well. We arrived friday afternoon and went straight to get some lunch. (airplane rides = a lot of snacking). We needed real food. We went down to the Pearl district, where there is a Yoga studio that has a restaurant inside with clean vegetarian food.
Later, we went for a hike through the trails next to Coach's apartment. (it's all woods in there, real cool). The rest of the weekend was an action packed blur, and I'll do my best to list the activities:

-We went down to NW 23rd st for gelatto, chai tea, and herb study time.
-Breakfast in the mornings at little diner/restaurants.
-A little local beer
-Adventures in Powell's bookstore (you need a map in there.)
-A bad ass hike in Eagle Canyon (see photos)
-We cooked vegetable curry one night, and then roasted lamb the next.
-Rebecca baked pears and berries for dessert.
-Of course excellent conversation and a good human experience.

It is rare to find people you really vibe with, and this was another chance for me to spend time with those people. I really appreciated the experiences that the weekend gave me. Easily the best birthday...


suzette said...

It's beautiful! All of it! Your birthday gift from Rebecca, the friendship, the streams, trees and cool mosses on everything there. Your life is such an experience Jeremy! Thank you for sharing that with me! You're always taking me to new places! :-) xoxox,mom!

suzette said...

I'm sorry, but you two just can't get any cuter. :)