Saturday, April 26

Break Fast

Strawberries, bananas, ginger granola, ginger tea, strawberry goat yogurt, spelt english muffins with soy butter.

I hope you know how amazing these foods are.

I broke my fast this morning. My fast/cleanse lasted five days. I feel like it was a very productive time spent. I had never fasted for this long before, and I enjoyed the peace that came with it. Peace, of course, mixed with cravings for unique flavors, and the desire to actually CHEW something.

I've been wanting to do a cleanse like that for at least a couple years. I'm glad I did it, and also excited to get back to eating!

(ps, I am taking probiotics in the form of supplemental capsules, yogurt, and kefir, along with digestive enzyme supplements, papayas, and pineapples. Yum!)

Thursday, April 24

wake up.

This guy is really going to town on that alley!!

(outside Rebecca's kitchen window, 7:30am)

Tuesday, April 22

Uh oh, BahKo

After all the talk of Backhoes last week, we came back to San Diego to find one parked right outside Rebecca's apartment! Of course we had to indulge ourselves and photograph it...

I told Rebecca that it must be a good omen, and that not all omens are ominous.

I've been wrong before, and this was no different. It turns out that innocuous backhoe wasn't just parked there so that 25-year-olds could use it as a jungle gym. Someone was doing actual WORK with this thing.

7:30am and the roar of the mighty backhoe shatters our slumber.


So the backhoe is tearing up the street, that's ok. There are a bunch of white spraypainted guidelines out here, so I have a feeling it's headed for the alley too, which will make the symphony of destruction all the more audible.

It seems that proximity to a backhoe is not without drawbacks, but I don't want to slander an entire species based only one one early-working, noisy individual...

Monday, April 21

Still "Shitty"

I'll be fasting and purging all week. It is exciting...

I've created a secondary blog to document the process.

I'll photograph my tongue every morning before I drink anything, and I'll photograph anything else that may be noteworthy (not for the faint of heart)...

Friday, April 18


Have a look at this training video from team sinanju. These guys are keeping life fun in upstate new york. Be mindful of the nasty ridgehand around the 2:12 mark...

Something to aspire to.

it's about time...

Living in California this long, I am surprised I haven't visited the redwoods yet. It had to happen. I was lucky enough to get some time with these ancient giants. I know there's no way to convey their immensity with a camera, but I tried. The little panorama above and the picture below give you some idea of the scale of these things.

They ask that you not climb the trees. Of course you can't climb them. They're huge, and there aren't many low branches. This didn't stop Rebecca from trying though. That's the kind of girl I like.

The trees really were ridiculously huge. Very peaceful walking through that forest. There was even one tree that had a hollow cave underneath it. I was inside of it, standing up, with Rebecca and Marek. There was a ton of room in there. Ah, nature...


My little buddy here is Rebecca's nephew, Marek. He lives in Santa Cruz with his parents. He's a lucky little sprout, growing up in a clean environment, being fed well, cared for. He's pretty funny, and does a good job of mocking me when I talk. I think I taught him how to say "bless you" after someone sneezes. Not sure if he already knew that one, but he sure got a kick out of saying it at/with me.

He is currently obsessed with Backhoes. He gets very excited seeing one next to the road. He also owns a few toy backhoes, a shirt with a backhoe on it, and multiple books about backhoes. "BahKo BahKo!" You hear it everywhere you go. He doesn't really seem that interested in other construction vehicles like steamrollers or dumptrucks. Also, he mistakenly shouts "BahKo BahKo" at machines that are in actuality called excavators. Apparently he hasn't learned the subtle differentiation* of the two.

This trip was really fun, but educational as well. For example, I learned that Redwood trees' roots form a weblike community underground. This network allows them to share nutrients with each other, and support each other's weight. This approach to coexistence apparently works, since the redwoods have been around long before Jesus.

The other thing I learned on this trip is that a child (especially one that is almost 2) is A LOT OF WORK!! Whoa. Sarah, Rebecca's sister, pretty much spends all day caring for him, helping him do the things he wants to do, feeding him, finding subtle ways of manipulating him, and learning graceful surrender when manipulation doesn't work. There were a few tantrums. As much fun as kids are, it is always nice to hand them back over to their parents. One day I'll be ready for that I'm sure, but it's quite a ways off still...

*Dan, Marek's father, has been inadvertently learning quite a bit about backhoes, since he's been reading so much about them lately. (another ubiquitous phrase, "Booka BahKo!" = please read to me about backhoes). He informed the group that a machine with a hoe on it was merely an excavator. With the addition of a front loader, however, an excavator becomes a mighty backhoe. No one cheers for excavators. Another interesting fact is that you will often find backhoes with pneumatic drill attachments, but the drill matters not to young Marek.

Saturday, April 12

"Did a shit-bomb go off here?"

He's been to upstate New York!

School's out

Finally, I wrapped up the semester! My third year comps are done (pretty sure I passed). All I have to do now is take nationals (I think during the summer) and finish up my course work and clinical hours. It will feel really good to be working next year. I'm just trying to enjoy my student status while I still have it, and not wish anything away. But it is exciting to see that light at the end of the tunnel.

Rebecca and I are going to Santa Cruz on Monday to hang out with her sister's family and go see some trees. Then it's back here for a week of relaxing/cleansing/purging. The next semester starts on the 28th. A short break? Yes. But I'll take it.

Monday, April 7

Latest Art

I originally painted these to be auctioned off at a benefit, but it has since been cancelled. Want to buy one? We can talk about pricing...

(ps. click the gently cornered link in my Branches section for more art)

Sunday, April 6

Last december

Allie Baba

She's a licker

Abra enjoying the magic spot Heather discovered when she was here...

Spring Cleaning

Every spring, I have the urge to purge. This spring I'm doing some bodily detoxing. I'm starting with the neti pot. It's tricky at first, but I dislodged some nice greasy yellow phlegm, and that always feels good. Rebecca is a big fan of this type of behavior, and enjoys my purging (she seems to enjoy it anyway...). We have a trip to Santa Cruz coming up, and when I get back, I'll begin a seven day regimen of a pretty intense colon cleanse. Goodbye mucoid plaque!

the perry bible fellowship

I love this cartoon.

the magic word

The Maine Coon is a cat like none other. Their skills include, but are not limited to: fetching toys, learning their name, rolling over, doing laundry, tax preparation, automotive maintenance, assassinations, giving massage, performing minor surgeries, and creating sustainable housing plans.

Rebecca and I adopted this one two weeks ago. It's our first cat, and the biggest commitment I've made in quite some time. She's a blast to have around, even though she's not very good at doing my homework yet, she still demonstrates some intelligence. She's doing a good job training us anyway.

Her name was Abby when we got her. I liked the name, kind of an old-english feel. Like such a nice name that the cat can only be mischievous. However, Abbie is Rebecca's Grandmother's name, so there was an impetus to change it.

I started called her Abby Cadabby. Which morphed to Abra (Her new name.) I think it's close enough to the original phonetics so she won't be too confused, although she has been using multiple aliases lately (muh-gat, mugato, bootock, mushtok, etc)

I personally think Abra is short for Abra CatDabra, but her true last name will never be known, as it was lost at ellis island when she immigrated, along with her birthday. (rumor has it she's 3).

Friday, April 4

between transmissions

I'm very sorry about the delay. There has been so much going on, I haven't had time to describe any of it. Classes are over, but I have a moderately busy week ahead of me, finishing up clinic shifts & taking 3rd Year Comps. Rest assured that the near future will have news of Heather's visit, The Magic Word, new paintings, a trip to Santa Cruz, and some serious spring cleaning...