Saturday, April 26

Break Fast

Strawberries, bananas, ginger granola, ginger tea, strawberry goat yogurt, spelt english muffins with soy butter.

I hope you know how amazing these foods are.

I broke my fast this morning. My fast/cleanse lasted five days. I feel like it was a very productive time spent. I had never fasted for this long before, and I enjoyed the peace that came with it. Peace, of course, mixed with cravings for unique flavors, and the desire to actually CHEW something.

I've been wanting to do a cleanse like that for at least a couple years. I'm glad I did it, and also excited to get back to eating!

(ps, I am taking probiotics in the form of supplemental capsules, yogurt, and kefir, along with digestive enzyme supplements, papayas, and pineapples. Yum!)

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suzette said...

That actually looks good, but where are the little marshmallows?