Sunday, April 6

the magic word

The Maine Coon is a cat like none other. Their skills include, but are not limited to: fetching toys, learning their name, rolling over, doing laundry, tax preparation, automotive maintenance, assassinations, giving massage, performing minor surgeries, and creating sustainable housing plans.

Rebecca and I adopted this one two weeks ago. It's our first cat, and the biggest commitment I've made in quite some time. She's a blast to have around, even though she's not very good at doing my homework yet, she still demonstrates some intelligence. She's doing a good job training us anyway.

Her name was Abby when we got her. I liked the name, kind of an old-english feel. Like such a nice name that the cat can only be mischievous. However, Abbie is Rebecca's Grandmother's name, so there was an impetus to change it.

I started called her Abby Cadabby. Which morphed to Abra (Her new name.) I think it's close enough to the original phonetics so she won't be too confused, although she has been using multiple aliases lately (muh-gat, mugato, bootock, mushtok, etc)

I personally think Abra is short for Abra CatDabra, but her true last name will never be known, as it was lost at ellis island when she immigrated, along with her birthday. (rumor has it she's 3).

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