Sunday, May 11

All work and all play

Two weeks into this semester, and I am still not sure I've come to terms with my schedule. It looks rather daunting, some days blocked off from 9am-8pm, others a little less occupied. I have committed my time to various things for the next few months. My initial gut reaction is to head for the hills. I find consolation, though, and even enthusiasm, when I actually look at what I'm spending my time doing.

To look for the accomplishment, or to only think of the end of the road, is to miss the point entirely. But looking at where my road is taking me makes the journey all the more inspired. I am nearing completion of acupuncture school. I'm now pretty competent, and pretty confident, regarding my patients. I'm still a student of the body, and I always will be. The class time is enjoyable, but I have a pretty hard case of senioritis. I'm sure I will use up my absences this term! The material can be fun to talk about, but how many times can we sit and talk, when the best way is just to do it?

So I'm taking 5 classes this term, and three clinic shifts. That adds up to 27 hours a week of school time. I've also committed myself to tutoring other students for 6 hours a week. So I'm at school a lot.

Despite all this time in academia, my mind is mostly busy unravelling the principles and mystery of Ju Jitsu. I have the god fortune of having a very thorough and precise Sensai. I appreciate my situation and, at his directive, am trying to take full advantage while I can. I'm practicing 6 days a week.

I also have some projects I'm into. Some self-publishing, and some miscellaneous chores that I am obliged to undertake as a member of student council.

Has my relationship suffered with my new schedule? I don't think so. I spend most of my free time with Rebecca, and she has a lot going on herself, so there is empathy there.

All in all, I'm enjoying my last few months as a Californian, fingers crossed that the big earthquake can wait at least until the fall...


suzette said...

I have the god fortune of having a very thorough and precise Sensai.
typo, or no? god, good, both? ;-)
Five classes and three clinical shifts? Wow! It's great to hear the excitement and enthusiasm in your voice. I do know you love it. I'm still working on being able to get to CA before 'the big one hits' too. I'll keep you posted.

suzette said... need to go chime in on my blahg!... ;-) xoxox, mom