Thursday, May 22

big little surprise

"Juji Gatame"

Kitties should come in pairs. We've been telling ourselves that for a while now, and today was the day we made it happen. Abra gets lonely (we think), so we found her a buddy. This little kittie's working name is Juji Gatame (Joo-Jee Guh-Tom-Ay). That's actually the name of one of my favorite Ju-Jitsu techniques to throw on Rebecca when she gets out of line. Rebecca loves Juji Gatame.

So this kittie was FREE (and you'd better believe I looked in her mouth-she has all her teeth). Kinda just fell into our laps. She's a bengal. So we have the deadly combo of bengal and mainecoon. As I understand it, the bengal will get bored and devise new things to do while we're out of the house, and the mainecoon will be quite eager to lend her considerable talents to any project. Can't wait for those surprises.

Right now, however, we have our two gatos living in separate rooms, getting used to each other's scents. In a few days we'll have a face to face meeting where each animal will be given specific tasks to complete on a daily basis in order to run a clean house (dishes, laundry, vacuuming etc)...

By the way, we are not cat collectors; we're done accumulating animals!


suzette said...

JG is adorable! A bengel? Looks like a tabby to me, but hey...whaddo I know. Smart thinking looking under 'the hood' this time. ;-) (poor toothless Abra...)

Congratulations on the new arrival-keep me posted on their meet up. Hopefully, they'll get along just fine. :-)

Jim said...

matrix cat