Thursday, May 22

two spoons

Rebecca and I just had lunch in a nice little vegetarian restaurant down the street. It's the kind of place we always forget about when we're brainstorming places to go, but everytime we walk past it we kick ourselves for letting it escape our consciousness.

Today we finally made it there, and had some good rice and veggies. A bunch of pigeons were walking around on the sidewalk outside the window.

We ordered a slice of vegan chocolate cake for dessert. It arrived, with the word "Faith" written in chocolate syrup on the plate. The self assured Indian woman who was our waitress told me that faith lives in my heart, if I let it.

When I saw the huge chunk of rich cake, I was immediately reminded of the orgasmic chocolate cake scene in the Matrix: Reloaded. I kept this thought to myself.

As we were slowly devouring the giant slice, we had a typical conversation about the world, the tao, life, etc. Rebecca looked outside at the birds, and commented, "Isn't it funny, if this was the Matrix, those birds would just be programs..."

I replied, "Well, they are." I was thinking about DNA and survival instincts, etc. Meaning, yeah, we kinda are in a matrix. Rebecca agreed with me, "They are. They have been programmed. But then, what about us? What kind of programs are we?"

Wheels turned, as I tried to reconcile my undertsanding of the world with the limits of the English language. A coherent description was nearing completion, but my soliloquy was pre-empted as I looked at the cake plate. We had devoured most of the cake, and sucked the F T and H out of FAITH. What kind of programs are we? The answer was written on the plate, clear as day, in vegan chocolate sauce: AI.

(cue the spooky music.)

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suzette said...

I loved this post Jeremy. Thanks for sharing. Your waitresses words are my inspirational words for the week.

"Faith lives in my heart, if I let it."