Monday, June 30

"didn't darth vader say that?"


Rebecca and I went to see it the other night. It was good, better than most of the crap coming out of the pipe. I liked it. The movie was fun to watch, definitely had some influences: Fight Club, The Matrix, Office Space. There was even a serious Star Wars moment. I would recommend seeing this flick.

The best part for me was the very end of the film. The last line is "What the fuck have you done lately?" The lights of the theatre came on, and the people began murmuring their opinions. Directly behind Rebecca and I sat a father and his two sons. The sons looked close in age, around 8 and 11. They were both heavy set, with freckles, and unruly curly hair. These kids were clearly in their awkward years.

So, the older one was excited about the movie and exclaimed, "That was awesome! I love that! What the FUCK have YOU done lately?!"

Wow. I lost it. I don't know if it was the father figure's utter disregard for the profanity of the child, or simply my imagining what life experience he had to justify that statement, or maybe I'm just epileptic, but I lost it. What the fuck have you done lately kid? Seriously, your paste eating days aren't far behind you.

I was cracking up like a hyena, I couldn't see. Strangers paused in their tracks, and stared at me. The strangers began laughing at me. Rebecca was overcome by the enitire scene, and began laughing at the strangers. I couldn't see much, but she told me that the family saw me laughing, and most likely they knew I was laughing at them. Oh well.

I tried to collect myself enough to leave the theatre. Rebecca tried to help me stand up. I was doubled over in laughter. I did my best to walk out of the theatre, and made it halfway. I had to sit down in one of the freshly emptied seats and howl some more. Rebecca said I looked like I was drunk. People continued to stare.

Talk about the right time at the right place.

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suzette said...

Alright, don't get me goin'....First off, if that's how old those kids are, shame on the dad for taking them to that movie. It's not a kid movie. Second off, double-dog shame on that dad for not taking the opportunity to parent again by telling the kid how inappropriate that language is. Just my two cents.