Sunday, June 1

happiness, pleasure, sorrow, love.

Any trip to Blockbuster is an exercise in patience. We wade through the dregs, the rehashes, the same-old-shit. We scan the racks for an image that appeals. A pretty face on a box is never a guarantee that the movie will be bearable, let alone stimulating. We pick up one title. We carry it around the store in hopes that something thrilling will bounce off the shelves; we hope we can be excited in what we're about to spend two hours watching.

I used to have a solid netflix habit. I was flying through movies. At some point I had rated over 700 films. So many of them were so blah. I spent a lot of time watching movies, and strangely enough, even when they weren't good, I still finished them, even enjoyed the idea of finishing them.

What's my favorite movie? Despite the hundreds I've watched, I retain a short list of top favorites. The Matrix, Snatch, the Fountain, the Royal Tenenbaums. The last movie that really pulled me in was Sunshine, and before that, You Kill Me. These are the movies I list on internet profiles, myspace pages, etc. These are the movies that probably "say something" about my personality.

There are, of course, those movies that I have seen over and over and still enjoy. Gone in 60 Seconds, the Italian Job, the Transporter, Casino Royale, Boondock Saints, Lucky Number Slevin, anything with Jet Li. I can't imagine what my lazy weekends would have been like without movies like these.

The other day Rebecca rented The Air I Breathe. She got a gold star for the day with that one. It's really well done, clever photography, well cast, engaging, entertaining. It's refreshing to see something that good. I had never heard of it. I won't forget it. Check it out.

(there is also a sweet track by Autolux featured in the beginning of this movie, my newest favorite song. so that's a nice bonus...)

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