Monday, June 9

mint green

Before bed last night, Rebecca practiced some energy work on me. I was just relaxing, lying there, while she palpated tender points, and who-knows-what else. I like it when she does this stuff. I usually find it relaxing, and a lot of times I get tranced out, having little visions or very bizarre, but enoyable thoughts. Sometimes when she's working on me, she closes her eyes. I close mine. It is interesting to pay attention to what is going on internally. Once, I was overwhelmed with the color orange. I had my eyes closed, but that's all I could see. I tried to imagine other colors, but I was fixated on orange. I asked her, "What is the dominant color right now?" Of course, she replied, "Orange." Weird.

So this most recent session was very impromptu. She just started working, and I was a good patient. At some point I closed my eyes. I didn't go into any trances or anything, I just let my mind wander. Usually when my mind wanders, I wind up thinking about Ju Jitsu. This time was no exception. I was deep in thought, trying to wrap my mind around perfect leverage applied to such an intricate machine as the human body, when an image snapped into my consciousness, replacing all other thoughts, captivating me.

I felt her finger on the middle of my chest. In my mind, I could see the point she was touching. A tiny mint green bud came straight out of that point, perpendicularly. This bud quickly doubled in size, and then doubled again. it grew to about the size of a softball in a matter of seconds, and then the petals bloomed open, a simple flower. This was very exciting, something I'd never experienced before. I felt invigorated, like I just took a breathe of clean autumn air.

Of course, I'm familiar with the Chakras, and it is possible that all of this was my imagination, but I wasn't thinking about any of this stuff when it happened, and there was no time for me to figure out that green was the color of the Heart Chakra, and try to visualize something happening. It just spontaneously blossomed. So cool.


suzette said...

What a wonderful gift to have had an experience like that. I hope it's the first of many for you and Rebecca. :)

Heath said...

yes, it originated with the china garden menu..but it was actually a combinator #12...:-)

Heath said...

I definitely wanted to add to both were thinking of me. I am orange. My favorite color, scent, flavor, and idea is orange. I was with you there, simultaneously. Maybe this will give you some clarification to the orange mystery. Love you both.