Tuesday, June 3

sick day

That's right, even I get sick sometimes. It's true. For example, this morning began with a loud expulsion of some green phlegm. I coughed, snorted, and hacked my way to clarity. Rebecca became instantly amorous.

Yesterday I had the phlegm, and some bodyaches, fatigue, and more malaise than usual. I don't think I'm "sick" though. I think my body is having the only reaction it can given the circumstances it is in. Sometimes that reaction is pleasurable, sometimes not. My circumstances are based on the copious amount of Soy Ice Cream I've been consuming lately. That combined with undersleeping and overschooling, has left me in a state of dispelling some mean loogies.

I gave myself an acupuncture treatment yesterday. I took a brief nap during the day. A woman took pity on me, giving me an impromptu reflexology session in the student lounge. I put together an herbal formula that I began taking last night, and finished up this morning. And, of course, Rebecca has been playing nurse. So, there are some perks to being "sick."

This is good timing, really, because I don't have much going on at school right now. Missing a couple classes this week is no biggie. Also, I've been taking it easy, having a chance to sit around and read. I finished Narcissus and Goldmund last night. That's a great story.

In the spirit of taking it easy, I've recently decided to extend my education until April. I had planned to graduate early in December. To do that, my schedule would be just as packed next semester as it is now, and that time will be spent in a new city. I think I'd rather have an easier time getting acquainted with Chicago, while taking a light courseload. Also, I think I'd rather finish school in the Spring, when things are blooming, growth is occuring, and all kinds of other changes are taking place in the northern hemisphere. Trying to shift gears in the dead of winter holds no appeal.

A good friend and teacher once told me to enjoy my belt. A lot of people in martial arts have their sights set on being a black belt. He was quick to point out that once you have that, there is so much responsibility involved. You can no longer make the same mistakes you used to make, it's not acceptable any more. I'm trying to enjoy my belt, enjoy being a student. It won't last much longer.

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