Sunday, June 22


Yesterday, we celebrated the solstice in the evening with a few friends. We went down to Ocean Beach, searching for the right secluded cove. It was a short trek, and we had it. Some sand, some small sandy cliffs, large rocks, and the waves of the Pacific.

Rebecca led the show:

-Yin Yang Huo tea with metaphysical water (provided by Jake and Chris).
-Tying red cords around the fire areas of the body (forehead, solar plexus, thighs).
-Placing tiny gold beads on certain acupuncture points.
-Saging each other and the surrounding area.
-Establishing our intentions in the square and the circle.
-Yogic exercises and sounds to create fire.
-Lighting candles as the sun set.
-Honoring the four directions and what they represent.
-Writing things down on tiny papers.
-Taking turns burning those things along with some fire herbs.
-Laying of the hands when each person returns to the group (after burning their papers).
-Closing (hippie group hug).

Everyone felt great afterwards, lighter. There was a good amount of discussion about our individual experiences, and insights we shared with each other. Something I found very interesting- we started writing down things we didn't need or want anymore, and millions of sandflies whizzed by. It was a formidable sight. I think they were carrying away our baggage for us...

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suzette said...

Y'all are just too cool. Seriously. I love you guys. :-)