Monday, June 30

week ten

It's Monday, week 10. This semester has been flying by. My time in San Diego is flying by. My summer is flying by. My life - hopefully I can slow it down a little.

Rebecca and I are moving across the country in approximately six weeks. There is still a lot to be done before we go. We've been looking for apartments in Chicago. Found some interesting ones. I think we found the perfect one, but they want to rent it out now, not in August. It's a sweet spot, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

They say a recession is upon us, a depression is coming. It's possible. The state of the world today is unprecedented in recorded history. So many people, so many cars, so many shortcuts we've taken. It's unfortunate, the people in power don't think the system is broken. Anyone who is already making a fortune cannot be counted on to initiate change.

I've been thinking a lot about other countries. Canada sounds good, I can deal with the winters. But how long will Canada be Canada?