Thursday, July 10

all ears

So, we just got back from the pet psychic, Brigitte. Wow. I'm a believer.

Brigitte welcomed us into her office, and there was a table with three chairs. She designated a seat that the "main human" should take. After a moment of deliberation, I took that seat. Abra took a lap around the office, and was content. She then jumped up onto the table and laid down.

We got the "left brain stuff" out of the way first, telling her our names, our main problem (loud nightly coon shouting), and a brief history of Abra- where we got her, etc.

Brigitte got out a yellow pad of paper, so she could write down her conversation with Abra. She asked us to please not pet the cat during the session, unless she came to one of us on her own.

We maintained silence while she went to work. Abra was lying on her side, and once the psychic began, she started purring and breathing more deeply. I watched the words on the yellow pad. At one point Brigitte asked, "What would you like to tell Jeremy?" The answer came, "That I'm his girl!" Whoa.

A couple questions later, she asked, "What would you like to tell Rebecca?" At that moment, Abra stood up, an walked over to Rebecca's lap. She began cuddling and loving her up. "I adore her. I think she's perfect." Freeeeeeeaky.

After she talked with the cat, she talked with us. We have a tape recording of all the things she said to us, analysis of what the cat was getting at, tips and suggestions to improve our situation. I have to make her feel noticed, loved, special. This cat is special for sure.

All in all my task is to show more love to an animal. Not a bad job. We can measure our progress by the quality of our sleep...

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Heath said...

abra is a typical female. she sounds a lot like me!