Saturday, July 26

warts and all

I'm taking an easy day today, had to call in to my clinic shift, and skip ju jitsu. I'm not happy about either of those things, but I also can't really walk, so it would be pointless to go.

A plantar wart that I've had on my right foot for ages has suddenly become very painful. Makes walking tough. I've developed a limp. The area looks kinda red, swollen. I think something might've gotten in there during my beach time last week.

Yesterday night I made an herbal foot soak. I repeated it again today. I think it's helping a lot. Also, Rebecca and Josh have been helping me out with acupuncture, moxa, massage. My calf has been super sore from gate compensation, and the imbalance is moving up my body to my right shoulder. No Bueno.

So, hopefully, within the next couple days my foot gets a lot better so I can resume the forward motion of my life. I need good feet for this big move...

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suzette said...

Check out the Dr. Scholl's plantar wart removers and cushions or....DUCT TAPE!