Monday, August 4

my legacy

Since I won't be in the graduation photo, I had to slip a funny photo of myself onto the PCOM wall of fame. Move over, Deepak. I wonder how long until anyone notices...


suzette said...

Adding to the list of "The Many Things I Love About You" is your sense of humor! That is too funny, and although I'm sure that alterting that board is breaking some rule somewhere, might I suggest that next time, use a black and white photo.... lol! ;-)

hal2008 said...

At first glance it was acceptable. So it may be a while before someone changes it.

I was just talking to someone who said their brother / friend / cousin? went on and on about 2012.

Was that you :)?

Wilmington-ly Connected?


(jeremy) said...

my photo was discovered three days after its implantation. i am shocked.