Monday, August 4

One week.

One week and we'll be on our way to Chicago. I'm trying to get all my stuff together, or sold. Craigslist is a blast, as I wade through random members of the public who may or may not be interested in wasting my time. I have sold some things that way though. And, hopefully I'll continue. Whatever I can't sell might get left behind. At this point I really don't care.

Today the academic dean sat me down to tell me what she thought of me. Everything she said was very encouraging, a lot of compliments. There are some people at this school who think I'm brilliant, and they want to make sure I thrive when I leave here. I appreciated her gesture, and look forward to meeting the dean in Chicago, who, apparently, is excited to meet me as well.

Coach flew back to Portland today. It was great having him around. It's been an exciting couple of weeks, what with my mom in town, coach visiting, our party, ju jitsu, finals, packing, etc. I really appreciate good friends. I know how busy people get, and it's great to make an effort to see each other. It says a lot.

I have a lot to do before I leave still, but I'm making peace with the departure. I'm ready for a new place, something a little closer to home.

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