Monday, September 15

4704 n troy st.

Look at Rebecca's load that all fit in her Accord. That's quite a pile. However, I must direct your attention to the Hyundai accent.

I played a lot of Tetris as a kid.


The whole apartment was pretty dusty when we moved in, so I took pictures while Rebecca's OCD fueled her cleaning spree.

(where's waldo?)

Our first piece of furniture, we found at a used furniture store for $8. This chair is a great thing to sit in, read in, or store your cat on.

This little yoga/reading room is the first one to start looking like an actual room. We are in the market for a couple cheap comfy reading chairs, but until then, zen prevails.

The sunny room hasn't really found its special purpose yet, except that the cats lounge all over the window sills. I was thinking about putting some sort of screen/curtain/beads/whatever between the doorways and turning it into a treatment room. That way patients walk in and they're right there without traipsing through your house. We'll see.

The fridge originally opened on the left. Strange. I don't know why you'd want a fridge to open into a hallway when there's a perfectly good kitchen on the right. We kept grabbing at the wrong side on accident, so I flipped the doors around. When I did that, I couldn't get the handles to go back on, so we left them off. Nice and minimal, good feng shui.

The first night in Chicago, we rode the trains down to Broadway, where PCOM is located. We wanted to explore, and that was the only address we really knew. So I got to sample my commute, and we stopped at the Whole Foods that's right over there. When we came out, there was a tea kettle sitting in a little landscape box on the street. No one was around, and it didn't look well loved, so Rebecca rescued it. We disappeared into the night with our treasure. All cleaned up, it looks nice. Inside, though, the surface is peeled. I'm not sure it's safe to drink out of. Maybe I'll post a pic of the inside and someone can give me their expert opinion...

We slept on the floor of the carpeted office for a while until our bed arrived. I picked up a couple used Shiatsu mats, so it wasn't all that bad. The cats liked "camping" on the floor, and Charles/Juji/Worm got to go hunting before bed:

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suzette said...

I've been reading, but not commenting! My bad!

Your place is amazing. I love it. I'm so glad you're both there getting settled in and forging ahead together. Say hi to the kitties for me. :-)