Saturday, September 13

the ten commandments

People seem to think that the ten commandments, or any other religious rules, are codes of behavior that, upon your death, you will be judged against. Did you follow those rules of living? If so, you go to heaven as a reward. If not, you go to hell as punishment. That sort of thinking, of course, makes it impossible to know if someone is genuinely behaving well, or simply in hopes of a future reward.

I don’t think the ten commandments are rules that, when followed, allow you access to an ethereal heaven after your death. I am more of the mind that they are suggestions, that when followed, allow you to create a heaven during your life.

(I mean it’s a matter of the simplest explanation. The common notion of posthumous judgment and heaven would entail a lot of extra energy in the form of a supernatural dimension of heaven, and some sort of heavenly employees that record your actions and judge you. The heaven on earth scenario is simply cause and effect.)


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