Thursday, October 23

i don't want to scare you...

...but what the hell is this??

Keep an ear out at the 3:05-10 mark.

Monday, October 20

hack. cough. spit.

Getting the phlegm out today. Lots of couch time. I do have a minor errand to run, picking up supplies for turkey chili. I'm making it for my eastern nutrition class tomorrow.

Taking some herbs today, and lots of time surfing the net. Maybe a movie later.

Rebecca's at work all day, but there are two cats keeping me company on the couch.

What's Frosti's poster of the day?

Wednesday, October 8

3 haiku for you


it's an illusion
we're not as clean as we think
dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt


no space of my own
all energies overlap
someone else's field


don't let them get wet
don't feed them after midnight
otherwise good pets

Thursday, October 2

ok, here's a game

I'll show you two images, and you have to tell me where they were taken. Your choices are simple: La Crosse, WI or Chicago, Il. To be fair, I will warn you that La Crosse has a nice downtown, and Chicago has some great parks...

Let's play...

1) Here are two shots of Rebecca taking a walk. Which one's which?

2) This one's tough, cause the cats do the same thing no matter what.

3) Squirrels.

4) Here are some street scenes.

5) Now some signs on the street.

Minor differences...
Please submit your guesses to my comments section. Winner gets to come visit...