Thursday, October 2

ok, here's a game

I'll show you two images, and you have to tell me where they were taken. Your choices are simple: La Crosse, WI or Chicago, Il. To be fair, I will warn you that La Crosse has a nice downtown, and Chicago has some great parks...

Let's play...

1) Here are two shots of Rebecca taking a walk. Which one's which?

2) This one's tough, cause the cats do the same thing no matter what.

3) Squirrels.

4) Here are some street scenes.

5) Now some signs on the street.

Minor differences...
Please submit your guesses to my comments section. Winner gets to come visit...


suzette said...

I'm loving the introduction ... that cat has rhythm!

Let's GO!

1A...I'm pretty sure that Rebecca is standing on the street in La Crosse in that picture. Cool houses in the background...

1B...Chicago has a bunch-o-bridges and I'm guessing that this one is just one more. (careful up there Rah-ba-kah!)

Hmm....the kitties...this one is TOUGH! It's so HARD to read their FACES!!!! ;-)

2A...La Crosse? I'm thinking there aren't enough locks on that door to be in Chicago???!!! ;-)


3A...well the little squirrel looks to be in LaCrosse and

3B...the BIG SQUIRREL looks to be in Chicago, if I cheat and look in the background-I'm seeing highrises!

4A...EASY! La Crosse!
4B...Chicago! (hi rebecca!)

5A...It MUST be La Crosse. Can you imagine them trying to keep a city like Chicago QUIET? I can't!

5B...It must be Chicago. Can you imagine having to have a sign like that in LaCrosse? I can't. :-(

This was fun Jeremy! How'd I do?

(jeremy) said...

Amazing! A perfect score right out of the box...

Congratulations, you're invited to visit anytime..

suzette said...

:-) Gosh, and I usually never win anything. Thanks for the new batch of pictures. I have the big squirrel on my desktop.