Wednesday, November 5


Chicago was bonkers last night.

Rebecca and I went to our favorite coffee shop to watch the election results. There was no one around. (everyone was downtown.) We saw that Obama won, and then went downtown. There was a huge rally down there. People had tickets and there were so many streets closed, cops all over. Obama was there giving his speech. We caught the end of it. "God Bless You All... etc" The air was electric.

It was really warm out last night and there were thousands upon thousands of people in the streets, in the parks, shouting from concrete walls. It was great. So refreshing to be in a place where a ton of people are excited about something, optimistic. I'm still processing it.

I don't really know what it's like to live in a place where the people actually like the government, I am in awe. I guess I am so used to dissent, it's almost uncomfortable to be enthusiastic. I want to be enthusiastic.

Hope. Change. Catchy words. Now he has it, it's up to him to back it up. I'm excited.

There are two things I'm very interested to learn more about, though.


The North American Union is widely known about in alternative media. I find it shocking that he wouldn't even know the name of it. Unless, of course, he was stalling while trying to think of a way to deflect the question. He knows more than he lets on.


Joe Biden has made similar statements.

Don't let us down Barack.

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