Monday, November 17

last day in greenville

It's been a great little vacation, but it has flown by. The Ju Jutsu convention was just what I needed. I have some new things to practice, to ponder.

First thing this morning, I went out to the lake to do some Qi Gong. Here is a short sample:

I had a close Sasquatch encounter:

I quickly befriended the lonely beast and tamed her with my aura of compassion:

One day it'll look more like this:

In my search for the Qi people, I revisited a holy site where I had once found sanctuary:

But it looks like they had to move. Maybe Greenville isn't ready for a mountain of Qi.

My last full day here was spent primarily with Heather. We went to the school my mother works at to visit her and meet her coworkers. It's a nice place, clean, new, spacious. Those kids are lucky to have a school like that.

Heather and I then headed out to downtown Greenville. I love the downtown. It's so cozy, without being cramped. I had a great time with my sister:

Look at that pretty girl:

And from this angle too:

What can I say? I just got back from three solid days of Ju Jutsu.

Wait?! Did you see those creatures in the water? I hid behind a tree to obtain this footage:

Tomorrow I have to load up my car, and then I'm off to Asheville for some hatchet throwing with a mentor.

I can't even imagine what boredom feels like anymore.

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