Sunday, November 9


I slept really well last night. Played with the dog this morning. Did Qi Gong by the lake. Gave out a little thai massage to my mom, dad and sister. They like the rock climber a lot. Big pops in the back.

I've put my sister in Hadaka Shime San, Kote Guruma, Katate Tori Ichi-Go, and Tenada Jime. I also successfully disarmed her when she came at me with a spatula. I'm getting excited for the convention.

I told them about the farm in Wisconsin, and how great that would be if it panned out.

It's nice here.

I'm glad I came.


Rebecca said...

glad you are having a good time, say hi to the family for me. :)

Rebecca said...

My sights are on that farm by the way. :)