Tuesday, December 30

camera happy

It's been a busy couple of days up in wis-CON-sin. Yesterday, Rebecca and I went over to her paternal grandparents' house, Frex and Arla. I spent the day in the woodshop with Frex building a cabinet, and the women did who-knows-what in the house. It was a great time getting my hands on something, I made my own cabinet for our little office/study in Chicago, and I got to have a little male bonding time. The videos speak for themselves:

One time for posterity:

And the finished cabinet:

I think it turned out really well. Unfortunately, we made the measurements up as we went a little bit, and the thing won't fit in Rebecca's car. So, we'll leave it at the G'parents' house until the end of January, when they'll bring it down to Illinois. Then I'll paint it...

Today, we visited Rebecca's maternal Grandmother, Abbie. She lives in Iowa, which is right over the border from LaCrosse. She's a funny lady. Irish.

Also, at Christmas, Rebecca's mom gave me a set of magnetic shapes that you can stick together and make different creations with. A good gift for the Lego-minded not-yet-adult. I, of course, put my creations to the most practical use:

Barry and Lori have agreed to adopt "The Cloud," which is what we've renamed Carly the lucky as hell cat. The short sob story is that her death march was interrupted by Rebecca, and we've been trying to find a home for her. She's a good cat, but she has some issues. She seems to like the laser pointer though:

And finally, after all the holiday binging, Abra is cleaning up her diet, getting back on track:



suzette said...

omg! The dustbusted cat! What meds is that cat on? That's just too funny and amazing. On a side note, how exactly does one go about discovering that the cat doesn't mind being dustbusted? Probably much the same way one discovers if a cat likes a magnetic collar? Or a mylar balloon tied to its tail? ;-)

I love your cabinet and that you got male bonding time! It looks a bit like Norm Abrahms Yankee Workshop there-flannel shirts and all. Nice job guys. :-)

Congratulations on the adoption - you kids 'done good' - it will be returned in kind; count on it.

Abra-broccoli...puhleez. :-)

Heath said...

I believe it's pronounced "wuh-SCAN-sun" from that lady in the trimspa commercial..get it right.