Sunday, December 21

negative two

Yep. It's cold in Chicago. There is also a lot of snow. I am not allowed to complain about the weather, since I willingly moved here from San Diego. What I can complain about, though, is the city's lack of maintenance of the streets!

Apparently this year is the first year that the mayor has decided not to plow the side streets (the ones everyone lives and parks on) in an effort to save money. Great. Parking is a nightmare. I encourage myself to stay home whenever possible.

As I type this, we are sitting in Whole Foods. Rebecca's work Christmas party is tonight, so we were obligated to actually leave the house. This was quite a process involving de-icing the car, shoveling some of the (iced over) snow that it's buried in with a dustpan (just bought a shovel!) and laying the floormats in front of the wheels to get the thing out of the snow. One day I'll send pictures. Street parking in a winter city is a nightmare. I had no idea.

On the bright side, the kindness of strangers has been shining through. Yesterday, we tried to move a desk we found at salvation army. The thing turned out to be a behemoth. We were trying/attempting/struggling to walk it up our front stairs when a kind stranger offered help. I was pushing Rebecca's car out of the snowy depths of its parking spot an hour ago when a guy got out of his car and gave an extra shove with me. That was all it took.

I am inspired to be a kind stranger.
(If I ever leave the house...)

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suzette said...

Being a kind stranger will not be a stretch for you. You have been a stranger kind for years! :-P I've been following your weather and you have my sympathy. The windchill factor made my nose hairs freeze. Be safe and keep warm!

Christmas shopping was almost put on the back burner here today as well. SC had rain. You know they can't drive in the rain!

You know what they say...cold feet, warm heart.