Saturday, December 27

slowly downward

I'm excited today, because we went to an art store and bought some supplies. It's been a while since I've painted anything. When we get back to Chicago, I am going to make a conscious effort to nourish my creative side, see what comes.

I've been recently re-inspired (respired?) by Stanley Donwood's art. (see below)

He seems to have a unique access to the places I like to go, and that's all the more motivation for me to make my own effort.

Mister Donwood is actually indirectly responsible for the title of this blog. His site, Slowly Downward is a mangling of his name. In the same way, Jeremy Cornish becomes Gently Cornered. My favorite rapper, Sage Francis, did the same sort of thing to name his record company, Strange Famous.

I also picked up supplies to make a few linoleum prints (inspired by the image above). We recently discovered Chicago's Printmaker's Collaboration. This is a local collective of talented folks, who teach classes and sell artwork. I would like to take some classes from them, but since I already know how to make linoleum prints from high school art class, I may just start there on my own.

I always think I'm going to have so much free time.

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