Friday, January 23

burn after reading

Go rent this. Watch it twice. Holy smokes.

Tuesday, January 20

word cloud

So, for the first time, I've actually been interested in how a politician was going to present himself to the public. Also, for the first time, I was impressed. The guy has a lot of work to do, that's for sure.

Lately, there's been a phenomenon of creating word clouds as a way to quickly learn about the contents of a text.

Check out this comparison, by way of word clouds...

It's only fair to take a look at myself through the same lens. Here's my word cloud from this blog:

Monday, January 19


We are visiting Rebecca's aunt Toni and uncle Jerry, in northern Illinois. We like coming here, as it's only a couple hours from our apartment, but feels like a whole different world from Chicago.

Jerry took me up to his archery club, which happened to be giving free beginner's classes on Sunday (perfect timing). It was great to actually be able to shoot that bow, without being in our little hallway, looking out for cats, etc.

Some of my first few shots in a real range:

Jerry giving me a brief demonstration. He warned me not to copy his form, since he wasn't really sure about the "proper" way to do it:

I'm starting to get the hang of it, applying some ju jutsu movement qualities:

And a shot of the beginners. I think there was a pretty good turnout:
(why am I the only one bending my knees?)

As the day went on, I started to get better:

That's a decent cluster for my first day...

Once I was feeling competent/confident, we went outside for The Arctic Blast, which is a pretty good hike through the woods, where various animals wait in styrofoam stillness.

We encountered a variety of beasts out there, boars, deer, elk, moose, etc.

I captured on film a mountain goat, a black bear, and a ram that must've jumped over the first arrow I sent at it. Truth be told, we spent a lot of time tracking down my stray arrows in the snow, so it was a skill building exercise in many ways.

What a day.

Monday, January 12

primitive skills

A little while back, Rebecca and I scoured to see what sort of folks were in the area. I attended a permaculture meetup last month. This month was "Primitive Skills." We were both very excited about this one. The objective of the meetup was to build a debris hut. This is very similar to the Lean-to that Kenny Bach and I built in the woods when we were little kids.

Needless to say, we had a great time, learned some new things, and met very interesting people. Here come the videos...

The exercise was to learn how to build a debris hut, so we stopped short of complete construction. If the hut had been intended as a real shelter, the layers of boughs would have been a lot thicker.

Our fearless leader, Eric, gave us a lot of instruction and tips throughout the day.

The deer here are ridiculously tame (and curious...)

We also learned a technique for sneaking a quick "combat nap" on the go. It's definitely a skill to sleep like this, stay warm, and not get smoked out in the process.

There was another person with a little flip camera just like mine. His footage can be found here.

What a great day...

continuing courtship of a cautious comrade

(check it out- my book is on the windowsill at the :45 mark)

Sunday, January 4

zen and the art of...

Over christmas, Rebecca's grandfather (mister woodshop in the earlier videos) passed down the wooden bow and arrows that used to belong to Rebecca's father, Frank. I am honored to be able to practice with such a sacred object, and am too excited to wait until warm weather comes.

Fortunately, I have a long hallway, and an understanding girlfriend.

I do my best to make sure the cats aren't in the line of fire. I'm no killer.

owl hunts the eskimo

Finally! My art book is out!

This is a 40 page color book of the paintings, poems, photos, drawings, and dreams that I've managed to compile from my first 25 years on the planet. (OK most of them come from the last 5 or 6 but bear with me...)

You can check out the first 15 pages and support my new coffee habit by clicking the cover:

a collection of pai...
By jeremy cornish