Monday, January 19


We are visiting Rebecca's aunt Toni and uncle Jerry, in northern Illinois. We like coming here, as it's only a couple hours from our apartment, but feels like a whole different world from Chicago.

Jerry took me up to his archery club, which happened to be giving free beginner's classes on Sunday (perfect timing). It was great to actually be able to shoot that bow, without being in our little hallway, looking out for cats, etc.

Some of my first few shots in a real range:

Jerry giving me a brief demonstration. He warned me not to copy his form, since he wasn't really sure about the "proper" way to do it:

I'm starting to get the hang of it, applying some ju jutsu movement qualities:

And a shot of the beginners. I think there was a pretty good turnout:
(why am I the only one bending my knees?)

As the day went on, I started to get better:

That's a decent cluster for my first day...

Once I was feeling competent/confident, we went outside for The Arctic Blast, which is a pretty good hike through the woods, where various animals wait in styrofoam stillness.

We encountered a variety of beasts out there, boars, deer, elk, moose, etc.

I captured on film a mountain goat, a black bear, and a ram that must've jumped over the first arrow I sent at it. Truth be told, we spent a lot of time tracking down my stray arrows in the snow, so it was a skill building exercise in many ways.

What a day.

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suzette said...

:-) Maybe you bend your knees because you're doing "Hi-YA!" with the arrows? I would encourage shooting at the range instead of in your apartment down the hallway. It just seems ...oh...safer... somehow. heh! I'm glad you got to go, and your groupings look really good! DOWN BEAR, DOWN! ;-)