Monday, January 12

primitive skills

A little while back, Rebecca and I scoured to see what sort of folks were in the area. I attended a permaculture meetup last month. This month was "Primitive Skills." We were both very excited about this one. The objective of the meetup was to build a debris hut. This is very similar to the Lean-to that Kenny Bach and I built in the woods when we were little kids.

Needless to say, we had a great time, learned some new things, and met very interesting people. Here come the videos...

The exercise was to learn how to build a debris hut, so we stopped short of complete construction. If the hut had been intended as a real shelter, the layers of boughs would have been a lot thicker.

Our fearless leader, Eric, gave us a lot of instruction and tips throughout the day.

The deer here are ridiculously tame (and curious...)

We also learned a technique for sneaking a quick "combat nap" on the go. It's definitely a skill to sleep like this, stay warm, and not get smoked out in the process.

There was another person with a little flip camera just like mine. His footage can be found here.

What a great day...

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