Wednesday, February 25

speech, speech

I just gave a nice presentation (on second thought it was definitely a jeremiad) in my Nutrition class summarizing cultural diets (mediterranean diet, okinawan diet, etc.) and some of the problems in America with the way we eat.

I find this topic interesting, since I'm such a food fan.

Leave a comment or email me if you'd like a copy of the presentation (.doc) emailed to you.

Speaking of food, we picked up some avocados from Trader Joe's the other day. They are finally ripe, and it's warm enough outside to open the windows in the apartment. I sit, eating guacamole and chips, with a spring breeze in the air. The cats go wild at the smell of the outdoors, running all over each other, fighting for the best windowsill spaces. Spring is in the air, change is all around. Everyone's ready for a little of that right now...

Monday, February 23


There are four (4) test modules to pass in order to become NCCAOM certified, which is a requirement to get a license to practice acupuncture & herbs in IL, and many other states. This morning, I took and passed the Herbology module. Sweet!

One down, three to go. I have BioMed in two weeks, and Acupuncture, along with Chinese Medical Theory on Mar 20.

Gotta study up for the Biomed!

Thursday, February 19


Remover of obstacles, bringer of good fortune, let's hang out this spring!

I've got a lot going on right now, slightly frazzled, but happy to be where I'm at.

Some people* have wondered why there is a visible curse word on my whiteboard. This is in reference to Burn After Reading. It is a general term that the main character uses to summarize the people that are bothering him. It is the title of my To-Do list, when I want to procrastinate. When it's time to address the tasks, I change the heading to "Friends."

That seems to work.

There is a lot involved in transitioning from full time student to self employed acupuncturist. Most of the work is behind me, but I still have to project my energy toward:

-Passing my national comp exams (all four of which have been scheduled. The first one is this Monday! The last two are Mar 20).

-Creating marketing materials for a corporate acupuncture program I am starting.

-Starting a collective practice with three other classmates.

-Getting ready to work in a chiropractor's office.

-There is also the possibility of renting some space in which to teach Ju Jutsu.

-I also have to keep up on assignments for the CLASSES that I must complete still, strangely enough.

I am not bored now, and should not be when I finish school!

It's all rewarding work though, and exciting. I just needed to take a breather and write this note. Take care.

*Yes, you.

Tuesday, February 17

door county

My birthday celebration culminated in a weekend trip to Door County, the magical peninsula of Wisconsin, where no chain stores are allowed. Wow.

By the time we arrived on Friday, it was already dark. I could feel the seclusion of the area, but I had no idea what the landscape really looked like until the morning. We woke up, and opened the curtains to be greeted by a beautiful February morning.

We spent a lot of time driving around the island, moving from town to town, none of which had a population over 1000.


Rebecca did some research and discovered a candlelight hike through the woods at dusk. This apparently is an annual event at one of the state parks on the peninsula. Usually it's candlelight skiing, but this year there wasn't enough snow for cross country, but that made for a perfect hike.

We arrived at the perfect time, just as it was getting dark. Not many people were around. It was beautiful, silent.

Of course, as the night went on, more people showed up, many wearing headlamps, projecting an offensive beam in whatever direction their obnoxious heads bobbed.

That sort of thing misses the point of a candlelight walk if you ask me.


On Sunday, we had a couple Americanos before hitting the road. The view from the coffeeshop is sweeping. If you look hard enough, you can make out the ice fishermen.


(always full of surprises, this one...)

dark clouds

By the way, The weather was great until we got near the WI/IL border. IT was looking like it was going to rain or storm, the whole sky had a thick layer of grey, with clear blue skies off in the distance. Only when I scanned the horizon did I realize that the cloud was a direct result of some sort of disgusting emissions from some sort of disgusting industrial building.

It baffles me that the police are so concerned about pulling over speeders when a public offense like this goes on daily, marring the sky. We need real laws.

You can see the two towers of this abomination in this map (scroll right slightly):

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Monday, February 16


Update: We brought the cupboard home!

It's a hit...

the office

For those of you that think all I do is fool around with archery, venison, and martial arts, I'd like to present two videos of a typical day for me in the home office. These should set the record straight:

sausage party

I am now officially in the clan. There's no turning back at this point.

The yearly Furlano venison sausage-making event was a couple weekends ago. We went up to Toni and Jerry's and met up with a seasoned group of experts for the big event.

Jerry covered his basement in plastic and newspaper, and we went straight to work, bright and early.

They take the venison (about six deers worth) to the butcher and have it ground with a SECRET blend of spices that has been perfected over countless generations.

They also order a quantity of pig intestines to use as the casing. Guts.

The guts have to be rinsed and "turned." This, of course, is best done early on a Saturday morning.

The guts are loaded onto the sausage press. Here's a shot of some of the assembly line. You'll see Jerry wandering around looking very busy:

You've gotta crank the press to get the meat to go into the casing. When I say "You" I really mean "Me." This is the new guy's job, the grunt work. It was actually a great task for me because I got to practice using Ju Jutsu motion qualities to make a lot of muscle work very easy. I use my whole body to turn the crank, so my arms don't get tired. I've actually noticed my training shining through a lot of aspects of my life, making things easier all around:

You see Rebecca doing some sausage tying. This requires some skill. Toni helps her with the details. However, this was also Rebecca's first time at the sausage party, so she had to crank for a while. I took a shot at tying the links off:

A lovely display of meat:

Some of the sausage is designated not to be dried, but wrapped and just fried up. I actually like the fried stuff the most. Look at these skills:

Here, the links are hanging up to dry. We made sure they'd be out of the way of the punching bag.

And the final haul:

Yes, that's a lot of sausage!

Tuesday, February 10

twenty six

The suspense is killing me.

She led me through a "choose your own adventure" birthday, with nature hikes, spa style pampering, a [legitimate] psychic reading, some new apparel, a future acupuncture treatment, some seeds, some sage, some clues, some chocolate cake, and I can still taste the wasabi on my breath from dinner. The day culminated in a note: "Don't make any plans this Fri-Sun. Pack your bags."

I'll get out of town!

This birthday is lasting all week.

So, for all of you who left messages on my voicemail, I'm sorry my phone was off on my birthday, but I was too busy to talk anyhow. Besides, I always talk to people on their unbirthday by a day or two, so it's only fitting.

I promise I'll call you all tomorrow.

In the meantime, please enjoy:

A free EP.

An album worth buying.

I've been in a Sight Below-inspired dreamworld for a few days now.

Friday, February 6


In between posts, I think it's important to share this link. Rebecca's sister has just found out that she has Hodgkins Lymphoma. They've started a blog. There will be a link in my "Branches" section for future reference.