Thursday, February 19


Remover of obstacles, bringer of good fortune, let's hang out this spring!

I've got a lot going on right now, slightly frazzled, but happy to be where I'm at.

Some people* have wondered why there is a visible curse word on my whiteboard. This is in reference to Burn After Reading. It is a general term that the main character uses to summarize the people that are bothering him. It is the title of my To-Do list, when I want to procrastinate. When it's time to address the tasks, I change the heading to "Friends."

That seems to work.

There is a lot involved in transitioning from full time student to self employed acupuncturist. Most of the work is behind me, but I still have to project my energy toward:

-Passing my national comp exams (all four of which have been scheduled. The first one is this Monday! The last two are Mar 20).

-Creating marketing materials for a corporate acupuncture program I am starting.

-Starting a collective practice with three other classmates.

-Getting ready to work in a chiropractor's office.

-There is also the possibility of renting some space in which to teach Ju Jutsu.

-I also have to keep up on assignments for the CLASSES that I must complete still, strangely enough.

I am not bored now, and should not be when I finish school!

It's all rewarding work though, and exciting. I just needed to take a breather and write this note. Take care.

*Yes, you.