Monday, February 16

sausage party

I am now officially in the clan. There's no turning back at this point.

The yearly Furlano venison sausage-making event was a couple weekends ago. We went up to Toni and Jerry's and met up with a seasoned group of experts for the big event.

Jerry covered his basement in plastic and newspaper, and we went straight to work, bright and early.

They take the venison (about six deers worth) to the butcher and have it ground with a SECRET blend of spices that has been perfected over countless generations.

They also order a quantity of pig intestines to use as the casing. Guts.

The guts have to be rinsed and "turned." This, of course, is best done early on a Saturday morning.

The guts are loaded onto the sausage press. Here's a shot of some of the assembly line. You'll see Jerry wandering around looking very busy:

You've gotta crank the press to get the meat to go into the casing. When I say "You" I really mean "Me." This is the new guy's job, the grunt work. It was actually a great task for me because I got to practice using Ju Jutsu motion qualities to make a lot of muscle work very easy. I use my whole body to turn the crank, so my arms don't get tired. I've actually noticed my training shining through a lot of aspects of my life, making things easier all around:

You see Rebecca doing some sausage tying. This requires some skill. Toni helps her with the details. However, this was also Rebecca's first time at the sausage party, so she had to crank for a while. I took a shot at tying the links off:

A lovely display of meat:

Some of the sausage is designated not to be dried, but wrapped and just fried up. I actually like the fried stuff the most. Look at these skills:

Here, the links are hanging up to dry. We made sure they'd be out of the way of the punching bag.

And the final haul:

Yes, that's a lot of sausage!

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suzette said...

That actually looks like fun! Rebecca, I can tell that this is not your first time around freezer paper. You go girl.... ;-)

(jeremy's a meat packer! lol!)