Tuesday, February 10

twenty six

The suspense is killing me.

She led me through a "choose your own adventure" birthday, with nature hikes, spa style pampering, a [legitimate] psychic reading, some new apparel, a future acupuncture treatment, some seeds, some sage, some clues, some chocolate cake, and I can still taste the wasabi on my breath from dinner. The day culminated in a note: "Don't make any plans this Fri-Sun. Pack your bags."

I'll get out of town!

This birthday is lasting all week.

So, for all of you who left messages on my voicemail, I'm sorry my phone was off on my birthday, but I was too busy to talk anyhow. Besides, I always talk to people on their unbirthday by a day or two, so it's only fitting.

I promise I'll call you all tomorrow.

In the meantime, please enjoy:

A free EP.

An album worth buying.

I've been in a Sight Below-inspired dreamworld for a few days now.

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