Thursday, March 5

mister manifester

It must be spring.

I am unfolding myself from the funk I've been in. My head is still heavy here and there, morale can get low, some dizziness at times, but I'm feeling much more clear.

I've been doing manifestation experiments this week. My report follows:

1. On Monday, when I stepped out of the house to go to class, I put an intention out to the universe. I set my thoughts on speedy public transportation. I thought about the train arriving just as I was at the station, and then the bus being there when I arrived at the bus stop. But that's not enough, I also pictured my trip home going just as quickly and smoothly. I was amazed that the train arrived at the station just as I did, and there was a mere 30 second wait for the bus to arrive. The return trip home is usually the worst. There is something about it being 8pm that makes every transfer a wait. I left class and started walking down the street towards the bus stop. I had a feeling I would miss the bus, and just then I saw it pass through the intersection. I know sometimes you have to work with the universe a little bit, so I sprinted through a parking lot and an alley, and intercepted it at the next stop. When I arrived at the train station, I could hear my train arriving overhead as I walked through the doors. I knew it would be close, but I swiped my pass, and ran up the steps, past the people arriving. I hopped into the waiting open doors of the train, just in time, and said aloud, "I did it." It was only then that I remembered the intention I had set earlier, and realized that it came true.

2. For the past eight weeks, I've pretty much had the same schedule at clinic. I have 9am, 10am, and 11am patient slots on my Tuesday shift. I have a regular that comes at 9, and another that comes at 11. So, for the most part, I've been finding ways to amuse myself (and others) during my free time from 10-11. I decided this Tuesday that I would set the intention that I would be fully booked for all three slots. I arrived at the clinic and checked my schedule, to my surprise, I only had a patient at 9am. The 11am person was out of town this week. I was surprised that the one day I wanted some work was the one day I had a huge amount of free time. However, through the twists and turns of life, another intern was absent, and I took one of her patients. Then, an older patient walked in and scheduled for my last slot. My assistant was getting a little sick, so I wound up treating her too. Crazy.

3. On Wednesday, I figured I'd put it out to the universe that I wanted some money to come into my life. What the hell, right? It was in the back of my mind all day, but I didn't find any extra cash lying around. When I got out of school at four o'clock, I was going to go to a nearby park and practice some Ju Jutsu falling techniques. It was starting to get chilly by the time I got home, so I decided to save it. Today (Thursday) it's been a beautiful spring day, with strong breezes and winds. I skipped class (whoops.) and instead went to that park to practice my breakfalls. I found a nice place to practice on a hill, far away from anyone else. The wind would kick up in bursts. Midway through my practice, I found a dollar on the ground.

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