Wednesday, April 29


I got back into Chicago yesterday morning. Since then it's been an almost nonstop endeavor to relocate to our new dwelling. Rebecca and I found a cool apartment out in Downers Grove, which, as far as I can tell is the only place in the Chicago area that doesn't feel like you're in the Chicago area. We're real excited about the new situation, a lot of that excitement is due to the presence of a LOFT in the new place.


Sunday, April 26


You can definitely tell which one is the brains of the operation here...

Bye, Goats!

Friday, April 24

coffee underground

I had a night on the town with a couple birds- my Mom and her friend/librarian Marilyn. We caught a little live blues in downtown Greenville, went for a delicious fish/veggie dinner, and then had (couldn't help it) coffee. I have an elephant full of soy milk...

Wish you were here...

(Oh yea, and I got a new T-Shirt: "HOMELAND SECURITY, fighting terrorism since 1492")

Tuesday, April 21

greenville, tomorrow

Don't forget to water all the sprouts when I'm gone!

Sunday, April 19

water and grain

I've started a second blog to show/sell my paintings on. It is located at

You can find it in the "branches" section to the right as well.

Take care...

Tuesday, April 14

it's official

I had my last clinic shift this morning. It is official. Graduated. I'm not going to be in attendance at the PCOM sanctioned graduation event, so Rebecca and I created our own ceremony to mark the occasion. We've been planning this for a while. I haven't shaved or gotten a haircut in ages, saving it all for this special day.

We do keep a lot in our hair. They say it has a memory of its own. I've shaved my head a bunch of times, and every time I do, I feel so lighter, like I was able to do away with something otherwise intangible. This was the first time I'd ever had such a beard before though, so it was an even more drastic change.

They look like brothers, don't they?

The beard was more than a fashion statement; I grew it seasonally, some extra insulation for a cold Chicago winter.

Some people like to poke fun at me about keeping a beard for warmth. They suppose that it can't make all that much of a difference in winter. I would ask those people then, if it doesn't make much of a difference, would they want one on their face during a hot humid summer?

Me neither. And now that it's gone, I find myself hoping Spring actually does arrive soon.

I suppose I can still wear a scarf.

Sunday, April 12

Monday, April 6

the eleventh week fourteen (of eleven)

Today marks the beginning of my last week of classes. I have a presentation due tonight in practice management class, an interview. I sent an interview out to an interesting supervisor I had in San Diego. I've typed that up, along with an assignment I gave myself: solicit words of wisdom from people who have been in my shoes before. I'll present all this tonight in class.

Tuesday brings a clinic shift in the morning, and then I teach Ju Jutsu until 2pm.

Thursday, I have a paper due. I'm working on it now. 80% done I'd say.

That is it for classes. Next week I have a clinic shift on Tuesday morning, which is my very last obligation to the PCOM curriculum. Upon finishing this shift, I will shave my head and beard, become reborn, renewed, fresh, a bald baby, with a dirty white belt.

My application for IL state licensure goes out in the mail today (with a $500 check, of course....). They will build a file on me, fill it in with the other bureaucrats' papers, and one day I'll get my license in the mail.

Now, what to do with this indeterminate stretch of free time?

I bought a ticket to Greenville from April 22-28. Bond with the parents, thank them for their unending support through all this. Get out for some walks/hikes/dog wrestling/whatever. Sleep in a quiet room.

When I get back, Rebecca and I will have to move. We're looking for a house.

Early May we drive out to upstate New York for a few days. Get back to my roots. Come full circle. Try to remember who I was in august 2005, optimistic kid, driving off to California to learn something, find something. I want to see the place I grew up, see what it's like now that nothing's left of it. Show Rebecca, help her imagine who I used to be, let her remind me.

When we get back to IL, I've arranged to take a sabbatical at Toni and Jerry's place. I'll stay up there for a bit, spending the days doing manual labor to clear my mind, calm my spirit, and squeeze the sedentary life of a student from my young body. I'm lucky in this situation, as they live in a quiet home, with a basement that needs sheetrock, and a backyard full of buckthorn, patiently awaiting my machete. I plan to get good with the blade.

The license will come, the work will come, money, satisfaction, creative thinking, service to others, they will all come.

First though, I have to stop procrastinating on this Blog, and finish my paper for Thursday...

Wednesday, April 1

seven pounds

I don't want to ruin this movie for you by summarizing the plot, but I should say this is one of the few things that has come out lately that has been original, thought provoking, and actually touching. It's a good one. Rent it.