Monday, May 25

back from a walk, couchless

Just a quick update - my license went through last week! I'm officially an LAc in Illinois. Had a meeting with Bourdage Chiropractic Saturday, and they'll start scheduling me on Wednesday of this week...

I'm in the process of putting together the order for my granular herbal pharmacy.

Lastly, Rebecca and I have been waiting until today to go to Ikea, because I found a cool futon they were offering for $100 off on a one-day only memorial day sale. They opened at 10 am this morning, and we pulled into the parking lot at 10:03. They were sold out. The place was mobbed. We couldn't believe it. A sales lady told us, "MmmmHmm. There were people lined up around the building at 7:30 this morning. You gotta get here early if you want that kind of thing. It's like black friday here every 3 weeks."

Something tells me they opened a little earlier than 10 today. But, in three weeks we will return, camping out in the parking lot for the perfect futon.

Our apartment looks good empty anyway. We admire our empty space, potential abounding...

***Tune in next time, when I'll show you how to turn 100,000 tiny pieces of paper into 1 large piece***

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