Monday, June 8

mind the gap

Apologies for the gap in writing. I've been very busy trying to keep myself busy.

That sort of thing is a surefire temporal headache waiting to happen, especially in this humidity.

Slightly grouchy, optimistic, but not all that much to report. My first week of working was great. I really enjoy my job, helping people, doing acupuncture, picking out herbs. It's amazing. I saw more patients than I had expected for my first week, but still not enough to keep me very busy, so I work on my own patience...

Speaking of minding gaps, which is what they say on the public transport in London when the doors open from train to platform, and a delightful British voice announces, "Mind the gap..." in the most charming way possible (as opposed to Chicago's "Doors closing!") that is when you know you've arrived. I sit in traffic on the freeway, and the Blue Line races past me. It's a shame that train doesn't go anywhere near my apartment or my job, but merely swings by to tease me as I roast on the asphalt with the rest of the people who forgot to not be on the freeway. But enough about trains.

Mind this gap. The statistical animations are fascinating/inspiring...

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