Monday, June 15

worker man

I'm into my third week of professional acupuncturing. I'm not as busy as I'd like to be (busy = productive, not simply occupied) but I suppose these things take a little bit. As much as I enjoy the Zen aspect of life, I am still one of those people that sets goals, and then gets retardedly antsy when I have to wait on external forces to make them happen. Really, I'm waiting for the patients to come, so in the mean time, thinking of ways to get the word out more effectively, to encourage them. Trying not to lose too much time watching movies.

For sure, I'm no salesman. Fortunatley, acupuncture sells itself. So many people out there can benefit from what I have to offer, it's really a matter of educating them. Last week we had a marketing event at an elementary school, talking to teachers and fcaulty. After all this time, I'm still surprised at how much discomfort people simply live with, thinking there's nothing they can do about it.

It's easy to feel like there's nothing I can do right now. Feeling down about being bored, like I'm failing at this already. Today I realized that I'm not failing, I just haven't succeeded yet, which is a huge difference.

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