Monday, July 20

eye opener

Working in a Chiropractic office has its perks for sure. Particularly, I was able to procure Chiropractic pillows for myself and Rebecca at a discount. They are extremely comfortable, and will aid in reclaiming the cervical curve that I have lost due to four years of looking down to read and write in school.

The pillows are so comfortable, in fact, that I have to fight for mine, always going to sleep peacefully, and waking halfway through the night to discover that Abra has invaded my pillow, positioning her body in the depression where my head is supposed to fit so perfectly. She does this methodically, during the night and early morning. A major strategy she employs is to sidle up to my head, and begin licking my scalp. This inevitably causes me to edge away from the sandpaper tongue and wave of catbreath, and she inches in. Licking again, I yield in my semiconscious state, and ultimately, she has claimed the pillow. My neck gets mangled as I search for a new place to set my sleeping head. Sometimes I am able to negotiate for a corner of Rebecca's pillow, sometimes not, but I wake up feelign like I was in a mild car accident regardless.

This morning I took a stand. When I came to, and realized she was in full possession of my space, I picked her up and tried to set up another pillow for her to sleep on. In my weakened state, I did not see the claws of the panicky cat, as they swung toward my face in a desperate attempt for her to find ground in midair.

One claw connected and tore a quarter-inch cut in my lower eyelid. She missed my eyeball by a half inch. I did not get back to sleep.

To her credit, Rebecca became instantly aware that something was wrong, even though (I think?) I failed to anounce it by swearing or shouting. I'm pretty sure I just sat there putting pressure on it for a minute until I could wake up/compose myself enough to go to the bathroom and have a look. My sleepy nurse cleaned the cut with hydrogen peroxide, and I grabbed a little bandaid from one of the many first aid kits in the house.

I don't think I need stitches, and I'm going to be very diligent in preventing infection. Strangely enough, it doesn't really hurt. This could have been a lot worse.

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suzette said...

Yikes! Just got off the phone with you! That darned cat. Keep an eye on it for infection. (NOT a joke...)

Bad kitty! Bad!