Sunday, August 23

i ching - hexagram 38


Heaven and Earth, day and night, and man and woman are opposite polarities. The process of life comes into being through attraction and balance. But if people or life forces confront one another irreconcilably, something goes wrong. Temporary goals are left unfulfilled. Differences of opinion can never be discounted in the area of relationships. Conflicting forces are at work even within one person. Try not to repress the conflict but understand it instead as a spur to development. Don't aggravate conflict unnecessarily. Avoid biased or hostile behavior. Begin to see things in terms of their overall interrelation. You reach inner harmony if you find unity within the conflicting forces at work.

{which of the following apply to you?}

-You will remain an outsider for as long as you continue to be at odds with the group. You will find support with a bit of goodwill. You overcome the difficulties together.

-Hold on firmly to those ideals which mean something to you even if it seems that everyone is sworn against you. For all the bad times, everything will turn out all right in the end.

-You will come across a person or idea of further help to you. Furthermore, you need the help of external circumstances; everything is so near and yet seems so far away.

-Harmony cannot be forced when estrangement sets in between two people who belong together. What really belongs together will grow back together by itself. This is how the law of polarity works.

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