Tuesday, August 4

two years

Well, it's august. That means that this blog has been going for two years already. How time does fly. We all know what kind of twists and turns life has taken in the last two years, so dramatic. Personally, and despite the turmoil beyond my control, I look back on the past two years and feel a huge sense of accomplishment. I finished school, got the girl, and started working. This Friday I test for my black belt with the AJJF. I'm starting a business. I just dropped my new suit off for tailoring with the little korean woman in Downers Grove. It's still hot out here, but there's a watermelon waiting for me in the kitchen.

Things are looking up.

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suzette said...

Happy Anniversary! Good luck Friday-I know you've been working very hard with your technique..like since you were 2! :) I want to see a pic of you in your suit. Much love, luck and success number 1 son. :) xoxo, mom