Sunday, September 27

fast as you can

I'm into day 2 of a (hopefully 3 day) fast. I say hopefully because, seriously, this one is a tough one. With the cool autumn weather comes cravings for all the delicious things that cinnamon comes on, including: gingerbread, pumpkin bread, carrot cake, cinnamon buns, chai tea, cinnamon toast, ... you get the picture. Oh, did I mention cinnamon french toast?

As you can tell my mind is on food right now, this being a difficult fast. I think it's beneficial though, to go without food every now and then, let the body rest and clean itself. It's crazy what you crave when you're fasting. For example, I would kill for a vanilla lady finger right now (those long donuts with white frosting on top).

I've been performing an extensive elimination diet for a while now, eating only vegetables and nuts for the last two weeks, culminating in this fast. When I do break it, I will eat only veggies again for a week or two, and then bring in fruits, and then who knows what else...

I do plan on enjoying wheat, eggs, and sugar (three foods I seem to have trouble with) in all of they're wonderful combinations. That's what I'm working toward anyway. I should definitely be able to partake in whatever dishes come my way by Thanksgiving....

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